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Workers' Compensation for Serious  Work Injuries

Thinking of Quitting Your Job?

We.the.People-189x159resizedDon’t! If you were injured at work, you should at the very least speak with an attorney before you tender your resignation. This may be critical to your right to benefits. Here’s why:

The Colorado legislature recently enacted a provision to the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act which relieves your employer and its insurance company of any obligation to pay temporary disability benefits if an injured worker is responsible for his/her separation from your employment. If you have sustained a work injury and you quit your job, you will likely lose your right to benefits for wage losses (“TTD”) while you are off work receiving medical treatment. Those benefits could be substantial, and their loss could be devastating to you and your family. At the very least, you should speak with your attorney about your desire to quit your job and determine if that is truly in your best interest given the specifics of your worker’s compensation case. Look before you leap!

Along this line, be careful of your employer making up reasons for terminating your employment. Because your employer can now save money by firing you and making it look like it’s your fault, the workers’ compensation system is now loaded with cases where unscrupulous employers find some fault, any fault, with the injured worker, terminate his/her employment, and then refuse to pay for wage losses while the injured worker is recovering from the industrial injury. Make sure you talk to your attorney if you have that sinking feeling like your employer is trying to get rid of you. He very well may be.

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