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Workers' Compensation for Serious  Work Injuries

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Helping Injured Durango, CO Workers

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Workers’ compensation law in Colorado can be truly complex, but that doesn’t mean that every single case is complex. I would estimate that about 25–30 percent of the injured workers who deserve benefits do not need an attorney. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for you, the injured worker, to know when the complexity of your case requires you to take a step back and let an expert take over. I can’t give you any magical formula that will help you make that decision, but I will be candid and frank with you about your needs when we have our free initial consultation to evaluate your benefits for lost wages. As you do your research and “check out” other attorneys and firms, you will find that almost all of them will recommend to you that you retain them for your workers’ compensation case with no discussion whatsoever of whether an attorney is truly needed.

Don’t Believe Me?

Check out some of the other websites for workers’ compensation attorneys and see for yourself how many of them, if any, will come right out and tell you, “You may not need an attorney.” The common theme with all this advertising is, “Hire me, hire me, hire me.” And when you do, in most cases you will end up paying a percentage of your benefits to the attorney you may not have needed in the first place.

You Need a Consultation

Even though you may not need an attorney, you will definitely need a free initial consultation. Most all attorneys will offer you that. Ask the attorney you consult for a straight up opinion on whether the complexity of your case really requires that you seek expert help. Judge for yourself whether you are getting a sales pitch. If you feel you are, move on and keep looking. Before you sign anything you should also feel comfortable that your selection of attorney has at least ten years of experience in workers’ compensation and is capable of getting favorable results for you.

Contact me today for a free initial consultation and learn more about what I can do for you.