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Workers' Compensation for Serious  Work Injuries

Your Right to Medical Benefits

Even minor injuries can have major medical complications if you do not receive the right medical treatment. Let’s face it: the most important aspect of your Colorado worker’s compensation case is receiving the quality care you need to assist you in returning back to the best medical condition possible. You will be supporting yourself and your children for years to come, so the quality of your medical care is No. 1 on your list of priorities, right?

doctor crossing armsUnfortunately, securing quality medical attention under the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act is easier said than done. In Colorado, your employer has the right to select the physician who will provide treatment for you. As a practical matter, that selection is made by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer, and simply communicated to you, the injured worker, by your employer. The physician selected will frequently be more sympathetic to the insurance company than to his own patient because it is the insurance company that pays his bills and sends him more referrals. In fact, many medical clinics exist strictly on work comp patients referred by insurance companies. Having handled thousands of worker’s compensation cases, I can tell you emphatically that injured workers usually do not like their employer-designated physicians. The common complaints range anywhere from “he’s rude” to “he doesn’t listen to me, doesn’t take notes of my complaints, and acts like it’s my fault that I’m not getting better.” These complaints are not only common, they are virtually to be expected when a physician is more loyal to the insurance company than his own patient. It can be very difficult to change physicians in the Colorado work comp system.

doctor, fireman, and other business peopleHowever, it is not difficult for you to receive an independent medical evaluation by a physician who will honestly evaluate your injuries and provide an honest assessment of your medical needs. If you don’t know one, that’s okay because I do. In fact, I work with several physicians who can review the treatment you have received, render opinions on the appropriateness of this treatment, and provide detailed opinions on the causation of your injuries and what is needed to cure and relieve the effects of your injuries.

If you would like to discuss this issue in greater detail, feel free to give me a call and let’s talk. You have a lot to lose when your physician doesn’t care about you as a person, so don’t just take shabby medical treatment lying down. Stand up for your rights as a human being.

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